‘The Hermit and the Empire: China after the Collapse of the Developmental Regime’ – excerpt from the new issue of Chuǎng journal

The article below is an excerpt from the second issue of Chuǎng, “Red Dust,” scheduled to be released later in 2018. This is a slightly edited version of the introduction to the second part of our three-part economic history of China, the first of which explored the rise of the socialist developmental regime. Also included in the issue will be other original articles, interviews, translations, and intake pieces on China’s border territory and the greater region


They seemed to believe there was some kind of powerful force (势力) behind our reading group.

Translations of three open letters from activists and students who have been suffering repression from the Chinese state since late last year.


We currently have a selection of books and archived journals available to read at the Sleepover Club Initiative residency at the Norma Redpath Studio in Carlton. The residency is open from 11am-6pm everyday until this Sunday 14th. We will be holding a collective reading session of some of the journals on Saturday at 12pm – everyone’s welcome to come along!