About us

The IRL collective started because we wanted to challenge the commodification of libraries, whether government, university, or council based. We see a mass production of a certain type of thinking which reproduces the structures of oppression that we live under.

We use the word radical in its original sense—to get to the root of something. We are defined by an affiliation with critical and experience-based perspectives of the world. We see intentional spaces such as this as essential meeting places to develop community. Incendium is for anyone who’s interested in critical literature or a comfortable space to read.

The current collection is curated based on our own personal interests and projects, as well as the interests of previous radical libraries that have built the collection over the years, from Barricade bookshop; Loophole, HOP and Hotshots community centres; and the Incendium mobile library. We prioritise materials that center the voices of marginalised communities and individuals, and that document and support social change.

We hold reading groups and free courses in the space, and are open to anyone who wants to hold events there, or who just wants to drop by for a chat and a tea/coffee. We have extensive zine and journal archives for browsing, and have a clear, up-to-date catalogue that’s all online with a free service for borrowing via post.

Fire to the non-profit industrial complex!



  • We have currently stopped lending books, as we have had difficulty getting them back. This may change in the future, but for now we functioning as a reading room, archive, study space and meeting/venue space, with the option of lending books under special circumstances (i.e. if you cannot access the library).
  • If you do have overdue books, please contact us to arrange a way to return them, and to let us know that you still have them. We will have locations in the northern and western suburbs to drop off overdue books while the library is closed.
  • There are no overdue fines. We hope that the books will be treated with respect and returned so that others in the community may have access to them.
  • We request that lost items be replaced. If you are low on cash then please advise us that the book has been lost so that we can replace it.
  • There is no membership fee to join the library. However, we are happy to accept financial donations, and will use them to buy more books!


Moving to a new space:

We will be moving the library to an accessible location around the beginning of next year. We are currently looking for new spaces that are affordable. If anyone knows of a possible space, or has any skills around grant writing, commercial leases, or anything related to finding an affordable space, we would be very grateful if you got in contact with us.


Donating books:

We happily accept books in good condition, and if they are in keeping with the purposes of the library. If the books are not within our defined purpose, we will look to sell them (to buy more books) or they will make their way to the local op-shops.

Email us at incendiumradicallibrary@gmail.com about any donations, and we can arrange a place for you to drop them off, or if there is a large quantity we can arrange to pick them up.



The library is not wheelchair accessible. There are two flights of stairs up one storey to access the space.

The reason we went with Hotshots was due to the low rent (50 a month), as well as lighting and location. Members of the collective had tried to secure spaces that were accessible but were unable to negotiate rent that was affordable. The IRL collective has been talking seriously about this barrier since the beginning and all consider it to be problematic (this does however comes from a collective in which every member can utilise the stairs). To address some of the issues we decided to ensure that all the books were available on an online catalogue, and we provide free postage for peoples unable to access the library. But this does little to address exclusion from events in the space itself. As noted above, we will be moving to an accessible location next year.


Donate money:

Donating money to IRL means we can buy more books for the library. Contact incendiumradicallibrary@gmail.com to make a donation.


Joining the collective:

Email us if you have an interest (and commitment) in joining the collective.